Discover Mandvi, Kutch

A Coastal Gem with Golden Tales

Mandvi Beach is located at the southernmost edge of Gujarat’s Kutch district, not far from the city of Bhuj. Historically, this beach was adjacent to a bustling port, founded by the Maharao of Kutch, serving as a major commercial hub in its prime. Today, while remnants of 15th-century fortifications provide a glimpse into its rich past, the beach itself is a hub of activity.

Evening Delights and Historic Sands at Mandvi Beach

In the evenings, the area comes alive with snack vendors and various activities, making it a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. Water sports, horseback rides, and windmills are some of the key attractions here. Furthermore, the sands of Mandvi Beach hold a deeper significance. They represent the passage of time, holding layers of history and accumulated memories. Just as the sands have been shaped over the ages, the town of Mandvi has been moulded by its historical events and influences.

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