white sands bay mandvi

An Elegant Stay by the Sea

White Sands Bay, Mandvi is a luxurious stay by the enchanting Mandvi Beach. Replete with amenities, engaging activities, you can be assured of the best stay in Kutch.

Experience the seamless fusion of comfort and nature at White Sands Bay, Mandvi, from the regal luxury of our Royal Villa to the cosy community of our Dormitories. Each accommodation promises a unique view and an unforgettable stay.

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At White Sands Bay, Mandvi, our offerings are a blend of luxury and nature:

What else we got here?

VIP Dining Hall

A regal dining experience for your special moments.

Handicraft Stalls

Dive into the richness of regional craftsmanship and select exquisite pieces to carry a piece of your journey back home.

Stage And Cultural Area

Witness tradition come alive in a symphony of art and culture.

Adventure Activities

Immerse yourself in diverse exhilarating challenges, curated for thrill-seekers of all ages.

Food Stalls

Delight in a culinary journey, with authentic local delicacies at every stall.

Seaside Views

Enjoy unparalleled seaside views, where the majestic scenery of the Arabian Sea enriches every luxurious moment.

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